The dream factory


Moving to a dream home in the country remains just that for many - a dream. Craig & Phil from Swanbuild want to change all that.

Phil Perryman, the Director of Swan Hill based modular construction company Swanbuild is enjoying seeing the many happy clients moving into their new home – riding in part on the company’s ability to turn a dream move into a real lifestyle.

“Homes are incredibly important to families – and our family business really understands that,” Phil says.

“If families can move into beautiful living spaces with minimum of stress, it can really change people’s lives for the better – and we have been documenting how important new houses are to clients as we hand them over.

“It’s a great privilege to play a part in creating something so important to Australian families.” Craig Perryman, Phil's son, says.

Phil began building homes in 1979, building many high quality homes onsite up until early in 2000’s. The company Swanbuild was then born, taking the high-quality home builds from onsite to a controlled factory build, the company has now grown to employ more than 60 staff.

Swanbuild creates modular homes ranging from two-bedroom houses to huge country ranch style homes and has experienced substantial growth over the last four years.

“Swanbuild currently have 60 staff members and is growing,” Craig says.

“We use many ways of seeking future employers; Seek, local paper classifieds, word of mouth, international employment agencies and fellow businesses.”

“There is a significant shortage of trade skills in this area so naturally we are more than happy to have people come to us looking for work. If you have the right skills and are willing to work than we have plenty for you to do!” Craig says.

Swanbuild’s initial focus was building residential properties, but three years ago the company had an opportunity to branch out into commercial buildings.

“An inquiry came in from a catholic school in Bendigo for a new building. We took the project on board and built it for them. The build went very smoothly and the staff at the school were amazed with how stress free the process was.”

“Before long we were registered and included on a panel of commercial builders for school buildings for the government. With an increase in inquires for commercial buildings, we opened another business which focuses on commercial modular buildings called Pretect.”

For more information visit Swanbuild’s and Pretect’s websites.