Victoria’s hottest new destination



Sea Lake is one of those towns with a great name that not many people knew about – until recently when the giant waterbody of Lake Tyrrell nearby placed it on the map.

The town is certainly not just a place to whizz in and out as a pit stop en route to the lake, about seven kilometres away. While the Lake is drawing legions of visitors from around the world, attracted by a growing social media fame, Sea Lake is clearly a town on the path to renewal. There are plans afoot to improve tourist access to the lake nearby with a $2.58 million visitor information centre and boardwalk, the local motel is earning rave reviews, the locals have purchased the spectacular pub in the main street to ensure its’ survival and a couple of Air BnBs are cropping up nearby.

Lake Tyrrell is Victoria’s largest salt lake, covering 20,860 hectares and offering spectacular reflections, particularly during sunrise and sunset. More than 42,000 people visit the lake each year and as the destination’s fame spreads, almost 200,000 visitors per year are expected by 2025. Already, the lake’s fame in China has led to a huge tourism influx, with more than 1,000 people visiting each day during peak periods.

This influx of tourism has created a new future for a town once solely dependent upon the fortunes of the agriculture sector – offering new opportunities to a town already galvanised in its commitment to fight for survival.

For more information visit Sea Lake’s community website.