Is it home time?


Many people who grew up in country Victoria in the last decades of the 20th century have built great careers in the city – but are now looking for more.

In line with US statistics, country towns in Victoria are noting an increase in the number of mid-career people from small country towns who have achieved a range of professional goals and now are seeking improved lifestyles and new challenges in the country.

Each week, as we visit new locations across rural Victoria, the LiveCountry team are meeting with business people, tradespeople and professionals who have made the move – many of whom grew up in the country originally.

The biggest challenge for many is to find jobs or businesses that provide the challenges and rewards required for highly qualified mid-career people.

LiveCountry is answering the challenge by developing guides with practical information on moving to the country and have established a hotline to provide improved information services for people seeking to make the move.

For more information, call the LiveCountry hotline on 1300 171 255.