Lakeside lifestyle awaits in thriving Colac

It’s a mecca for twitchers, gastronomes and romantics all at once, but the pink-tinged waters of Lake Corangamite still remain a hidden gem for most Victorians.

With at least three times as much salt as the sea, pools of pink salt in dramatic bleached volcanic rocks at its’ edge and the title of Australia’s largest lake with a permanent water body, it seems surprising that more people don’t visit the lake, which is just over 10 minutes out of the thriving regional hub of Colac.

With more than 150 jobs immediately available in Colac, booming industries such as Bulla Ice Cream, Australia’s largest softwood supplier AKD Softwoods, the Australian Lamb Company and Colac Area Health each employing hundreds of people in the regional town, and a thriving tourist sector, Colac offers no shortage of work opportunities – but housing tends to be harder to find in town.

As a result, small towns just a few minutes out of Colac, such as Beeac, Cororooke and Coragulac offer an attractive alternative – with the opportunity to enjoy quality homes on small landholdings near one of the area’s many lakes.


Colac is surrounded by a range of historic smaller towns and thriving farm businesses.

With an unemployment rate of just over 2%, the area has strong need for additional workers and because a number of large businesses are headquartered in the town, a broad range of skilled and professional staff are consistently required.

In addition to being a significant regional centre which is home to more than 12,000 people, Colac is located in a beautiful former volcanic region punctuated by lakes and historic villages. The small city is less than an hour from Geelong and within easy reach of the dense Otway forests and the beaches of the Great Ocean Road. It is also a comfortable two hours from Melbourne.

Proximity to the 12 Apostles and the iconic scenery of the State’s Southwest Coast ensures that Colac has strong passing tourist traffic throughout the year – providing the perfect setting for a range of innovative start up businesses.


For more information about business and work opportunities in the Colac-Otway region visit Council’s website or email